Friday, Feb. 4, 2011: We will be offering our full one-h0ur presentation to the student body of Paradigm High School in South Jordan, Utah.


Nov. 3, 2010: We represented Beauty Redefined with a display at the Lighted Candle Society’s annual awards banquet, where we were able to talk and network with hundreds of people working to fight the harmful influence of pornography on an individual, community, state and federal level.

Sept. 28, 2010: We offered our one-hour presentation at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah, hosted by the Weber State Women’s Center. Thanks to those of you who attended and spoke with us afterward! Thanks also to the university newspaper, The Signpost, for publishing a great story about our work.

We will be taking a break in our presentation schedule to pursue opportunities for publishing a book on our work, as well as other means for spreading our message, including an in-depth article in LDSLiving Magazine that will be published in Jan. 2011 and an upcoming DVD for youth. Any upcoming speaking engagements will be posted here in the future!

June 9, 2010: We presented the religiously oriented version of our presentation for two wards of Relief Societies and Young Women’s groups in Highland, Utah. Thank you so much to all of you who attended and provided excellent feedback!

June 1, 2010: We presented the religiously oriented version of our presentation for a Highland Stake Girls Camp at the beautiful Heber Valley Camp, themed “Brighten Your Light.” 

May 23, 2010: We presented a fireside for both genders based on the religiously oriented version of our presentation at the University of Utah Institute of Religion, hosted by the University 31st Ward, the 35th Ward and the Willow Creek 8th Ward. We had a fantastic turnout, so thanks to everyone who was able to make it in the terrible weather!

April 28, 2010: We offered the religiously oriented version of our presentation in Logan, Utah at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints chapel at 650 N. 1200 East at 7 p.m. Thanks to Mary Ann Hammon, who coordinated the event, and to all the girls who participated!

April 15, 2010: We presented on a panel of experts at the 2010 Broadcasting Educators Association conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, regarding our research on children and media. We got wonderful feedback and encouragement from the other presenters and audience!

March 31, 2010: We presented an overview of our one-hour visual presentation at the 2010 Graduate Research Symposium at Utah State University, one of the largest academic symposiums in the nation. We were awarded 2nd place in the Sociology & Communication Division.

March 16, 2010: We presented our one-hour visual presentation to all of the female students and staff of the Salt Lake Center for Science Education (grades 6-9). Thanks to all the girls who attended!