These are a few of the kind words we have received from those in attendance at our presentation and supporters of our cause. Thank you to all who have offered feedback and praise, and feel free to add a comment of your own!

I couldn’t wait to get home from the UCAP conference in St. George tonight to tell you that we talked to several people about the awesome Kite sisters we met at the Lighted Candle Society dinner. You should be getting some calls for speaking opportunities! We think you are awesome! -Becky P.

Thank you Lexie and Lindsay for your amazing research and efforts! I stopped by your table last night and was so happy to find out about your cause. This is wonderful, empowering and important. -Wendy A.

Carry on in your great work!  Our young women and men –and their parents–need to have an “attitude transplant.” -Kathryn B.

I couldn’t go to your presentation, but I sent our Beehive Advisor and she loved it! She said it was awesome and really made one think.  I wish I could have been there … she was very impressed. I think your presentation would be perfect for moms and daughters — something these young girls can attend with their mothers, where follow-up discussions can take place at home. -Hope T.

Thank you for this website! I especially relate to your message “you can love your own body and feel beautiful even if you don’t look like a Barbie doll.” This is the kind of thinking I’m trying to put into action in my own life and a concept like this with the work you’ve put behind it relates really well to the piece I’m working on. -Lindsay H.

I believe that it is a critical topic. We (all, also men) must learn very well the implications of the evil distortion of body image. I am myself a victim. Thank you for your great work. Keep it up!!! We need more LDS valiant women like you! -Joaquin

Holy smokes I am really really excited about this! I think there is a huge need for young women (and even older) to accept that poor body image and body dissatisfaction is a huge problem that will just keep growing — I think that too many choose to not address it or just to ignore it. It is such a huge trap in so many ways — just like you said, we’ll never get to where we need to be or be able to reach our full potential if we’re so hyper focused on trivial things. I could go on and on-but I think we’re on the same page 🙂 – Laurel F.

This is so exciting. I’m so thrilled for you two. Having struggled with these kinds of issues a lot as a youngster, I can say for sure what you are doing is very important. Obviously others think so as well. Congrats! -Mikaylie K.

You girls do such important work. -Maria B.

Thank you for this! Young people all over the world are throwing away love, knowledge and rich, full lives in exchange for “hotness.” So grateful to find there are others who feel the same way I do about this subject! -Silver Chalice

I attended your presentation several weeks ago on a Sunday night at a multi-ward fireside. Thanks for the presentation; it is such an important topic to address! I’m so grateful that you have taken the initiative to teach and bless lives in this way! I hope that you will realize your desires to help and that you will be a means of helping men and women to recognize the false and misleading conception of beauty presented by the media, and to realize what true beauty really is! -Josh

I was in the audience at your presentation last night in Highland – thank you so much to you both! What a difference you have made in my life. My resolve to avoid the superficial and strive for real beauty has deepened. My husband and I had some great conversations about several of the topics your research covers. …How I wish that all girls, teens and women had the opportunity to hear your message. What a worthwhile work you are doing. Thank you, thank you! -JoAnn Carter Stevenson

Thank you so much for your presentation at the Heber Valley Camp on June 1st. As a mother of three teenaged daughters and as a leader in the young women’s organization, I can tell you that this message is truly needed. Your voices must be heard. I was very touched by your presentation and appreciate your research and experience. I am so grateful that my daughters were present during this presentation, most especially my 13 year old daughter who really struggles with her body image (as do we all at one time or another). I want all the young women in my life to hear your message. I will continue to view this site for a schedule update and then bring all of them to a presentation that is open to the public. Thanks again! -Jennifer Thomas

Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation tonight! I wish more people had been able to come hear what you had to say. You two are doing a great thing! Keep at it! -Rachel Nell Pearce

I was so excited to read about your cause this afternoon! You are so inspiring. I’d love to know what you think and hear your ideas on how we can help women everywhere learn to love what they’ve got! I have several ideas that I’m REALLY excited about. I would be honored if you would be willing to meet with me sometime and discuss. -Niki Bennett

I wish I were in Utah and could see your presentation! Fantastic links and pictures. I would love share this message with a group of teenage girls out here in Georgia. Do you have anything prepared that I could use?  -Krista Bowles Ringger

I totally knew about how magazines and such photoshop pictures but to see it with my own eyes….it makes a difference. Thanks for this positive work you girls are doing. I hope that this reaches many ears….because this affects women all over the world, especially our little girls. Thanks I hope the world of “what is …considered beautiful” is changed by the time my four yearold reaches her preteen years. Good luck! Thanks! -Amy Hill Gibson

I think you two are absolutely awesome. You are such great examples of strong, capable women. I love the message that you are sharing with the women around you. I attended your presentation and it definitely has impacted me. I notice more lately in commercials and media and I can now point out how they are detrimental to women. Another thing I have thought about since your presentation is the balance between loving yourself as you are, but also making sure you are being healthy and taking care of yourself physically. I am working on my Ph.D. in Health Promotion and Education and I think that this is something that needs to be addressed. I admit that I have not come up with an answer yet that I am satisfied with, but your presentation definitely made me think about many good things. Thank you! Keep up the great work. -Shae Ashby

YES, YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!!! PLEASE KEEP IT UP! I can’t say I’ve been to one of the seminars, but just the fact that this group exists and that you girls are doing something, going public, and drawing awareness, is fantastic! It’s about time! It’s very empowering actually! ♥ ♥ ♥ -Sara Villella

Lindsay and Lexie- you two are amazing!!! I wish every woman in the world could hear your presentation and feel validated and beautiful! My favorite part is when you point out how men can be so successful and famous when they don’t necessarily fall into the “Hot” category (look at Donald Trump, and then think of his …wives!). That really hit home for me as a scientist. It’s the dumbest thing, but women are judged whether or not their presentation will be worthwhile based on their appearance before they even begin! Male professors can be amazing teachers even if they’re unattractive, while no one wants to take a class from “the ugly, fat lady.” It’s more than unfair, it’s ridiculous! Keep up the good work, you’re voices need to be heard!! -Cindy Taylor

I’m a life coach and image consultant. I know that how we look at ourselves and the inner dialogue we carry on has more to do with how effective we are in our relationships, our education and our work and personal lives. It is an extrodinary topic and I am thrilled you are doing the work you are to carry the message …forward. Each of us are much better than what we think, and especially better than what we are TOLD. -Marsha Grover Steed Keller

I am writing my research paper about this topic and I was wondering if you could give me a book reference that would be good to use in my paper. And after listening to yall talk the other night I really feel a lot batter about myself! Thank you sooo much!!! -Mikell Benson

Thank you so much Lexie and Lindsay! Your presentation is fantastic and I was so glad I got to hear it. I’ve been talking about it with my family and while it’s a really grim situation, I personally feel really empowered. Great job! -Aly Lambert

You came and talked at ar YW group last night and i just have to thank you for how great it was!!!!! my friends and I were totally talking about it the next day at school!!!! -Marissa Anne Frasier

Great work you two, and I wish you nothing but the best! Keep it going!  -Shea Donato

This is an amazing project. Thank you so much for doing it. -Whitney Hulet

Way to go you two! I would love to see your presentation some time. Keep me posted if you are ever up this way. -Sabrina Vasquez

This is Wonderful! -Kathryn Robinson

I would LOVE to hear your presentation sometime! You girls are awesome. Way to get out there and stand up for women! -Cindy Balling

Lindsay and Lexie, I love what you girls are doing with this!! I would love to hear your presentation sometime! If you make it over to Boise, please let me know so I can attend! You two are great!! Keep up the good work!  -Kristen Fell Powell

You should come down to Vegas and present here!!!! -Lori Andersen

The presentation was amazing! I’m telling my sisters about it. -Heather Berg

Thank you so much for the fireside presentation. You girls ROCKED it! -Eric Rice

I think you should come to Idaho Falls and do one. Soon! -Emily Morgan Downey

I am very inspired and intrigued with your commitment, work, and purpouse. I too as I am a wellness coach interact with many women, and men who their relationship to food and body image has been distorted and is unrealistic and unhealthy. There have been many occasions where people ask if I can help them be ‘under’ weight, I simply reply I won’t help them. If they’d like to reach a healthy weight, in a healthy way, that I am willing to coach people with 🙂 It is devastating to see so many who buy into media ideals. I stopped buying fashion magazines a LONG time ago! I also studied related body image/food addiction/media and such at the U. I love who you are 🙂 Rock on in Alaska! I hope to get to know you better soon as women committed to making an impact in this realm 🙂 -Heather Houston

I was at the presentation you did for the North Canyon Stake young women last fall. It was WONDERFUL! Thank you. Best wishes in all your amazing work. -Debbie Hammon

Thanks again for presenting your thesis research to my class. The students loved it!! Seriously, after you left, the students–even the two men–talked for an hour about their body image issues and the role media has played in their lives. Very cool! Several students are interested in writing essays about their experiences with media/body image issues, so we have pull something together for an online book from the class. I’ll keep you posted.  -Brenda Cooper

I actually was at the Stake R.S presentation you did last night. I really enjoyed it, and actually have to write a research paper, and have been trying to figure out a topic. I really want to delve into misinterpretation of women in the media. Do you have references on some of the stats you had? Any information I could use?? Thanks again!!! And excellent job again! -Hannah Hepworth

You have an incredible amount of information that needs to get out to many, many people.  It is information that is counteractive to all of the propaganda that is controlling our society. You  girls are great!! I think that your efforts can be very effective in helping you with your “mission” and book.  Good luck. -Barbara D.

I was so impressed with your presentation….You are Awesome! I can’t wait for the girls to hear it. I am so excited for this message to get to our girls. I believe that they really need this. ….Thank you for being so giving with you time and talents. -Tamara K.

I just wanted to say belatedly that I really enjoyed your fireside Sunday! I knew Marilyn Monroe would be fat by today’s standards, but I didn’t know how much worse it had gotten within just the last decade. Also, should I throw a molatov cocktail at l’oreal? cause I SO want to start the revolution! – Jacob B.

You pretty much rock. Thanks for the sharing your personal insight and research last night. love it. -Sheryl Tubbs

You girls did such a fabulous job tonight!! Congratulations again on your Deseret Book opportunity!!! -Jenn Curtis